The definition of beauty has always been controversial and subjective. Science, for instance, has always linked it to general “rules” like symmetry and balance. Pythagorean mathematicians have even determined a very specific ratio that represents beauty. It is believed by those scientists that it is the common factor in many things we find pleasing, whether they are related to shapes, architecture or people.

Aside from the scientific approach, beauty is actually a cultural thing. What people might perceive as “pretty” in some countries can be a sign of “average” or “below average” persons in others. For example, pale skin is widely associated with luxury living in Korea, while many Europeans would pay a lot of money to achieve that perfect tanned look!


Beauty: around the world, throughout history.

It is not only about where you are in the world, it is also about the “when”. Beauty standards have been constantly changing throughout history. A good example is how Victorians glorified tiny lips while the current generations appreciate bigger and fuller ones.

And although we might not be “there” yet, and typical “beauty standards” are still causing so much stress for many people worldwide, things seem to be changing. The global community has been shifting to a more inclusive view when it comes to who is seen as “pretty”. Today, modest influencers, curvy models and people with skin diseases can all be presented as “beauty icons” and get featured on fashion magazine covers.

YURI & TERRA : how we define beauty.

At YURI & TERRA, we have a simple yet holistic definition of beauty. We believe that beauty does lie in balance. But not that specific balance some say should be between your facial features. Not that balance that requires the space between your eyes and nose to stay below a certain limit. But the balance you achieve in your day-to-day life, the peace you can have with yourself once you embrace it, no matter your skin tone, nose shape or eye color.

To us, a pretty face is a healthy one. A beautiful skin is the one from which you can tell it is cared for, hydrated, nurtured, and, on top of all, you can tell it is accepted and appreciated for what it is.

We believe beauty does come from within. It comes from having a holistic mindset that associates charm with self love and self care rather than the size of your nose or the shape of your eyebrows. Our definition of beauty has nothing to do with “standards”, and this is why our type of beauty can stand the test of time and preferences.

Holistically speaking, here is our recipe for a beautiful skin.

Beauty, to us, is the result of your daily choices: what you eat, how often you exercise, whether you smoke and how stressed you are. In other words, we think that what is outside is the reflection of what you allow in. And the healthier things you allow in, the healthier your skin. 

To get that look of a fresh, cared-for skin, we introduce our new Trio Oil Holistic. This is our gift for those who want to take good care of their body, and take their selfcare rituals to a whole new level. This is our recipe to always have a glowy skin that reflects your holistic approach towards self love. By holistic we mean caring, the right way. We encourage you to care for your skin safely, naturally, sustainably and for the long run.

With a relaxing bergamot essential oil blend scent, YURI & TERRA Trio Oil Holistic contains moringa, jojoba, and rosehip oils. Together with vitamin C, the combination is created to address all skin problems, from acne, wrinkles, dull skin to dehydration. Trio Oil Holistic is designed to be your ideal companion in your journey towards balance, self care and graceful aging.

Applying Trio Oil Holistic for Facial Care Routine

Trio Oil Holistic: beautiful skin, our way.

Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, this unique blend can be used on both face and body and as often as you want. Leveraging the hydrating power of the moringa, the treating functions of the jojoba and the anti-aging benefits of the rosehip, we believe we are giving you a go-to solution to all of your skin needs.

1. Balanced skin is clear from breakouts

Those pimples should not be intimidating, but they should warn you you may have been exposed to bacteria. Thanks to its trio anti-bacterial powers, Trio Oil Holistic can help with reducing acne and fighting breakouts and hyperpigmentation.

2. Beautiful skin is sun-kissed, damage-free

A heart that appreciates beauty should face the sun fear-free. We believe you deserve to rise and shine and enjoy your days without worrying about sunburns that could lead to skin diseases, including cancer. Trio Oil Holistic soothes sun burns, skin inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, and other drying skin conditions.

3. Pretty faces age gracefully

We believe all age stages are pretty and enjoyable. But if you believe you should always look the same as your age, we are here for you. To help you value every moment in your life as much as we value you, we created our Trio Oil Holistic with ingredients that help promote collagen synthesis and reduce lines and wrinkles. Not that you do not look pretty with your wrinkles, but you look good with health!

4. Cared-for-skin is clear

It might sound counterintuitive to use oil as a cleanser, but, actually, it is a way better solution than your chemical-based products. Now you can ditch your sophisticated makeup removers and use this natural product to clear your face of pollutants, dirt, sebum, and makeup.

5. Happy-looking skin radiates glow from within

We highly recommend using Trio Oil holistic as the final step of your nighttime routine. All of the three oils of which the product is consisted are renowned for their moisturising powers. The unique, luxurious scent of the mix will also help you feel fresh, soothed and ready to sleep.