Native to the Sonoran desert in southwestern America and northwestern Mexico, jojoba trees (or Simmondsia Chinensis) have the potential to endure heat and harsh weather conditions. The boxy, greyish green shrubs give us the vision to turn them into cash crops to bring income to families living in arid deserts and help improve the local economies.


Jojoba : The desert liquid gold

Over 10 thousand jojoba trees with the best profile are nurtured in Al-jawf, western Yemen, the area where one of the most ancient South Arabian kingdoms took place. Despite the city’s rainfall of less than 50 mm per annum and extreme weather all year round, the plants flawlessly thrive to 8-15 feet tall and bear their hazelnut-sized fruits with just organic manure fertilizers used besides the minimal irrigation system.

At our specialized farm, the super-beneficial fruits and seeds are hand-harvested, washed and sun-dried, before getting cold-pressed for golden pure oil which generally takes up half of each seed. 

This slightly nutty smell oil is actually a liquid wax or esters of long-chain fatty acids that offer unrivaled emolliency to the skin. This makes jojoba one of the most healing and moisturizing beauty botanicals in history.

What is unique about jojoba ?

Unlike any other plant and mineral oils, jojoba oil has its molecular structure almost identical to the one found in our skin’s sebum. On top of that, the oil is made up of rich nutrients, antioxidants and fatty acids essential for healthier skin and hair.


Jojoba oil assists skin hydration as if it has always been a part of our cells. It penetrates your skin and hair deeply and replenishes them inside out. As to why it was used by Native Americans to treat wounds, the oil generally provides the skin with wonderful nutrients including :

• Palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic, oleic, and arachidic acid.
• Large amounts of vitamin E or tocopherols.
• Omega 6 and Omega 9.
• Vitamin B Complex.


★★★★★ Rather than just coating on the surface, Jojoba oil is absorbed into the skin deeply and fast without leaving clogging, greasy residue.


Jojoba oil can only be applied topically in the desired amount to your skin or mixed with essential oils as a carrier. Regardless of being inedible, this oil is reported to :

• Be an ideal moisturizer that naturally brings balance and glow to all skin complexions: oily, dry, sensitive, or combination.
• Prevent breakouts, pimples, and other facial blemishes as jojoba oil is non-comedogenic and helps regulate sebum.
• Repair scars, signs of sunburn, and other minor skin wounds with vitamin E, antioxidants and emollient moisture.
• Smoothen wrinkles and fine lines while improving skin’s elasticity with antioxidants.
• Relieve appearance and pain from skin psoriasis, eczema or dry, flaky inflammation.
• Promote healthy hair growth and prevent dandruff from forming with a balanced, moisturized scalp condition.
• Provide skin, lips, hair, nails and cuticles with an instant touch of glow and moisturization. It is also perfect as a gentle, natural makeup remover.

You may have experienced jojoba, but have not noticed. Part of our product portfolio features jojoba as a core ingredient either pure or infused. We make sure you can benefit from the wonder of jojoba at its purest form.