Have you ever woken up thinking that you should eat healthier? That you must use an alternative drink sweetener? Or that maybe you should do more to have an impact on the world? With so much in your mind and limited time in your day, making healthy changes and conscious purchases can become a real challenge. But what if we tell you that you can indulge yourself and improve your wellness, all while having a positive impact on people’s lives? The secret is so simple yet so scarce: Yemeni Sidr honey!

Sidr Trees on Yemen Valley

What is Yemen Sidr honey?

It is one of the world’s finest and most expensive honey. Yemen has always been renowned for producing some of the world’s top honey, as per the Guardian. This has left the Yemen Sidr Honey with no competitor but New Zealand’s Mānuka. With only a slightly medicinal aftertaste, Sidr can even beat Mānuka, which has a more bitter flavor.

Produced by bees fed exclusively on the flowers of the Sidr tree, Sidr honey is so rare and exclusive that it can only be harvested once a year. This is one reason why this “liquid gold” is a premium superfood. Its numerous medicinal values give way more reasons though.

Yemen Sidr Honey health benefits 

1. Helps ease digestive problems

As a natural antioxidant, Yemeni Sidr honey can play a crucial role in gastroprotection. According to the National Library of Medicine, it is also used to treat liver diseases, malnutrition consequences, digestion problems and constipation.

2. Soothes inflammation

Thanks to the phytochemicals of which it consists, Sidr honey has anti-inflammatory properties. This is why it can help with treating ulcers of the stomach, insect bites and other inflammation-related conditions.

3. Acts as a natural antibiotic

According to previous research, Sidr honey has antibacterial activity against various bacteria. Some studies have shown that Sidr honey worked even better than an antibiotic against the MSSA and MRSA bacteria.

4. May help fight cancer

You read it right. A 2019 study has shown that Sidr honey can help the body fight against certain cancer cells (HepG2). We still strongly advise you to discuss your diet choices with your doctor.

YURI & TERRA Yemen Sidr Honey Packaging

Where to get top-quality Sidr Honey?

Now that you know how Yemeni Sidr honey can be your ally for many health issues and self-care habits. It is important to learn where you can get authentic, premium-quality Yemeni Sidr honey.

Generally speaking, honey is the third-most-faked food in the world. Let alone a luxurious product like the Yemen Sidr honey. It is often vulnerable to adulteration with low-grade honey and sugar syrups, downgrading its nutritional and medicinal characteristics. But rest assured, we have got you covered with…

Yuri & Terra Yemen Sidr honey

We are bringing the world’s best honey directly from the farm to you. Yuri & Terra’s Yemen Sidr Honey will soon be available on all our online commerce channels.

Yemen Sidr honey will be the first superfood made available by Yuri & Terra, but more superfoods are coming your way, including other Yemeni honey, such as the Marai.

Why choose Yuri & Terra Sidr honey?

1. Authenticity guaranteed

Yuri & Terra works directly with farmers and beekeepers in Yemen to provide you with raw Sidr honey, of superior quality.

2. Premium quality

It is not only about the pureness and authentic taste of our Yemeni Sidr honey. Getting a Y&T product automatically guarantees quality and safety. Our Yemeni Sidr honey achieves GMP, HACCP and HALAL standards. It is also unpasteurized, which means that all quality is preserved.

3. Impact people’s lives

Did you know that the country bringing you the finest honey is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis? Sad as this fast is, it gives you a key role to play. This is your opportunity to make a difference while making your purchase.

By choosing Yuri & Terra Yemen Sidr Honey, you choose to contribute to Yemeni exports, boost Yemen’s economy and directly help Yemeni farmers better their lives.

Yuri & Terra: Make a conscious purchase

We are not only launching our superfoods line with Yemen Sidr honey but also getting ready to offer other Yemen honey types soon. One of those will be Marai honey, another Yemeni product that is unique, healthy and more affordable.

With positive impact in mind, our goal is to help you be the most beautiful, inside and out.