How well do you know your skin? These five common skin myths can cause skin irritation and even accelerate the signs of aging. Find out what they are and how you should be taking care of your skin. Plus, we have an easy facial oil trick that will improve your skin naturally.

Myth: Skin dehydration only happens to people with dry skin

Most people believe that skin dehydration is only associated with dry skin, but it can actually happen to any skin type. Even if you have oily skin, you can also experience skin dehydration, such as when you spend long periods in a room with air conditioning or when you don’t drink enough water. Your skin’s complexion may appear uneven, and dry, flaky areas can become noticeable.

Myth: Dry skin is less acne-prone

It’s not true that acne only forms on oily skin. Those with dry skin can also suffer from acne. The main causes are P. acnes bacteria, clogged pores, skin dehydration causing excessive oil production, or poor skin exfoliation, which causes dead cells to build up, which later clog pores.

Myth: Your skin type cannot change over time

You were born with a certain skin type, but that does not mean it cannot change. Apart from aging, your skin type can also be affected by weather, hormones, smoking habits and other environmental factors. To treat your skin right, you will have to adjust your skincare routine based on its current condition.

Myth: Facial oils are not for oily skin

You have probably been told to stay away from facial oils or rich creams if you have oily skin. However, having oily skin doesn’t mean it is nourished and hydrated. Therefore, people with oily skin can use facial oil as part of their skincare routine to improve its overall health and complexion. Jojoba oil is one of the most suitable options for oily skin due to its light texture that effectively restores skin hydration without leaving a heavy finish. For dry and oily skin types, Jojoba oil serves as a moisturizer that can help boost your complexion, making your skin more toned and even.

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Myth: People with dry skin age faster

Though wrinkles may appear more visible in dry skin, aging signs are typically driven by your habits including your exposure to UV rays rather than your skin type. To slow the process, we recommend you always apply sunscreen and end the day using facial oil to pamper your skin.

 A woman holds a bottle of Yuri & Terra facial oil.

The facial oil trick you need to know

  • Choose the oil that is suitable for your skin type. We recommend Jojoba oil which is easily absorbed and suitable for all skin types.
  • Apply the oil right after washing your face.
  • Massage gently into your face.

Boosting skin hydration is the key to healthier skin. Choose Jojoba oil to nourish your skin. With vitamin E and B complex, Omega 6 and 9, it can hydrate and balance your skin.