Your hair puts up with a lot: pollution, heat, bleach - it can all cause damage, dryness, and even dandruff. Fear not! Using products containing jojoba oil nourishes your hair, leaving it silky and smooth.

Nourish Your Hair with Natural Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a popular natural product that is often used as an ingredient in nail and hair care products. Jojoba oil is full of vitamins that can lock in moisture, including:

  • Vitamin C: an antioxidant to maintain hair strength
  • Vitamin B complex: absorbs nutrients for hair growth
  • Vitamin E: protects hair from radicals and promotes hair growth
  • Copper: keratin creates silky hair
  • Zinc: strengthens hair and reduces hair fall

Tips for Achieving Healthy Hair with Jojoba Oil

Apply jojoba oil before washing

Jojoba oil is a natural oil that is gentle to skin and hair. Apply 2-3 drops of jojoba oil to your hair and leave for 10 minutes before washing. The jojoba oil will clean your scalp and boost your circulation, which helps increase hair strength.

Mix jojoba oil with shampoo and conditioner

Jojoba oil helps repair damaged hair. Mix jojoba oil with your shampoo or conditioner to lock in moisture and leave hair feeling smooth and healthy.

Apply it before drying

The heat of your hair dryer can damage your hair, causing it to weaken and break. To strengthen your hair, apply jojoba oil 10-15 minutes before drying your hair to coat your hair with oil and reduce the impact of the heat.

Jojoba oil can promote healthier hair.

Repair Your Hair With Jojoba oil

Damaged and dry hair can be repaired by using products with jojoba oil which is rich in omega 6 and 9, vitamin E, and vitamin B complex, all of which help to nourish the hair and lock in moisture. If you have dry and damaged hair that needs repairing, or to avoid damaged hair, we recommend using 100% natural cold-pressed jojoba oil.